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July 8, 2024 | FTK OVER THE AIR


In this episode, Justin and Lynne discuss their experiences at the Techno Security conference. They talk about the busy schedule, the increase in participation by the attendees, and the energy of the event. Justin shares his presentation on distributed workflows and the importance of protecting privacy in investigations. They also talk about the fun swag and the claw machine at the vendor hall, as well as the after-hours event with a large turnout. The conversation covers various topics, including the importance of automation and scalability in forensic labs, the value of networking at conferences, and some travel stories involving flight delays and diversions. The hosts also encourage listeners to share their stories and insights for future podcast episodes.


  • Techno Security conference had a busy schedule and a high attendance
  • Justin presented on distributed workflows and the importance of privacy in investigations
  • The vendor hall had fun swag and a popular claw machine
  • The after-hours event had a large turnout and Exterro gave away 10 licenses of FTK
  • Automation is important for efficiency and compliance in forensic labs
  • Networking at conferences provides valuable opportunities for learning and collaboration
  • Share your stories and insights with the FTK Over the Air podcast


00:00 Introduction and Travel Experiences

17:12 The Challenges of Distributed Workflows and Handling Intermingled Data

26:50 The Fun and Excitement of the Vendor Hall

33:51 The Big Hit: The Claw Machine Game

34:15 Connecting with Attendees at the After-Hours Event

39:09 The Importance of Automation and Scalability in Forensic Labs

46:55 The Value of Networking and Discussions at Conferences

51:59 A Travel Story: A Diverted Flight and Unexpected Challenges

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