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May 24, 2024 | FTK OVER THE AIR


Manny Kressel, CEO and founder of Bitmindz Forensic Solutions, shares his journey from law enforcement to building custom forensic workstations. He emphasizes the importance of understanding the specific needs of forensic examiners and customizing the hardware accordingly. During the episode he provides tips and tricks for getting the most machine for the best price. 

We address the challenges of working with IT departments for requisition of powerful forensic workstations. The conversation concludes with Manny sharing his predictions for the future of forensic hardware, including the increasing need for mobile platforms and the potential growth of cloud-based processing.


  • Understanding the specific needs of forensic examiners is crucial when building custom workstations
  • A fast processor and a good motherboard are essential for efficient forensic workstations. 
  • Working with IT departments can be challenging, and it is important to justify the need for powerful machines
  • The future of forensic hardware may involve more mobile platforms and increased reliance on cloud-based processing


00:00 Introduction and Background

08:37 Customization and Considerations for Workstations

16:25 Balancing Quality and Price

38:44 Choosing the Right Storage Disks

46:21 Predictions for the Future of Forensic Hardware

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