edTalks: Hon. Thomas Vanaskie, Hon. John Facciola, Jean Rivers

E-Discovery thought leaders Hon. Thomas Vanaskie, Hon. John Facciola, and Jean Rivers discuss cutting edge ideas in three 15 minute presentations.

Georgetown Law CLE & Exterro have partnered to create a new legal thought leadership educational initiative called edTalks, featuring innovative and thought-provoking presentations on cutting edge e-discovery ideas, concepts and best practices. Each edTalk is only 15 minutes long, empowering you to quickly get new techniques and knowledge for re-thinking and improving your e-discovery practices.

In this upcoming webcast, watch three separate edTalks:

  • Topic #1: Recovery of E-Discovery Costs. Are e-discovery costs recoverable by the prevailing party as part of the costs of producing material necessary to the pursuit of the litigation? If so, how much of those costs can be assessed against the losing party? Learn how best to maximize recovery if you are the prevailing party and minimize the recovery if you are the losing party. Presented by Hon. Thomas Vanaskie, Circuit Judge, US Court of Appeals for the 3rd Circuit
  • Topic #2: Meet & Confer: Do you have to cooperate? The rules of ethics may serve as an impediment to the kind of cooperation judges expect at an e-discovery meet and confer if lawyers interpret them to prevent cooperation. Is that a fair interpretation and do we need clarification of what a lawyer’s ethical obligation is at the meet and confer? Presented by Hon. John Facciola (Ret.), US Magistrate Judge, District of Columbia 
  • Topic #3: Creating an E-Discovery Culture: From PDF Pushers to Technological Thinkers. Legal professionals have technological apprehensions when it comes to e-discovery, which have created outdated discovery cultures. In this edTalk, learn how to create a shift in mindset that can catapult the way legal professionals handle e-discovery into the tech savvy 21st century. Presented by Jean Rivers, Director of Litigation Support, Berg & Androphy

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