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Tips to Navigating US Privacy Laws from State Attorneys General

December 7, 2023

If you've only read one privacy article on this blog, it probably has started with some acknowledgement of the complexity of privacy regulations today. It's perhaps repetitive to bang on about it, but with 13 states having privacy laws in or entering effect, and little sign that a unifying federal law is forthcoming anytime soon, privacy professionals in the US have to accept and deal with a patchwork quilt of regulations. 

We try to provide insight from our in-house and partner privacy experts all the time, and often it boils down to the fact that the fundamentals of a strong privacy program should usually translate into compliance success. Know what data you keep, where you keep it, why and how you acquired it, when you need to dispose of it, and how to retrieve, correct, and delete it as required by law. Be transparent about your policies and data collection practices. Be accountable if errors happen and remediate them quickly. 

But we've got an opportunity coming up that privacy professionals should not ignore--the chance to hear from three state attorneys general directly as they discuss their vision for privacy, strategies for enforcing laws, and how they recommend organizations should build out their privacy programs. One week from today, join us for a free webinar from Exterro and the Association of Corporate Counsel. 

Insights from State AGs: Navigating the US Privacy Revolution

Step into the heart of the privacy revolution! Join us for a captivating Webcast that brings you face-to-face with key State Attorneys General driving change in the US privacy landscape. With a staggering 13 U.S. states wielding comprehensive privacy laws, and eight of them just introduced this year, the privacy stage is set for a seismic shift in the United States.

Uncover the State AG's perspectives on these state law privacy trends. Explore how they're sculpting and enforcing these laws to shape the privacy landscape. Through their eyes, you'll gain the insights necessary to build a privacy program that not only aligns with expectations but embraces the evolving dynamics.

If you sign up today, you'll have a chance to:

  • Immerse yourself in direct conversations with enforcers and grasp their strategies and visions behind these emerging privacy laws.
  • Learn how to sculpt your privacy program to navigate this new terrain successfully, elevating your strategies to match the pace of change.
  • Engage in live interactions with enforcers, posing questions, and delving deeper into their viewpoints for a comprehensive understanding.

The webinar features: 

What are you waiting for? Sign up now!

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