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Digital Forensics

Meeting the People Changing Lives with Exterro FTK: Daz Menzies, ex-Ministry of Defence Forensic Analyst

April 12, 2023

Data is everywhere these days--not just on computers and smartphones, but also everyday devices including location trackers, wearables like smart watches, cars, voice assistants like Alexa, and more. And that means forensic investigators, in both the public sector and the private, need to be able to quickly and effectively extract evidence of wrongdoing and analyze it. FTK instructor Daz Menzies, who formerly served as a forensic analyst for the Ministry of Defence, explains how Exterro software helps these professionals do their job faster and more effectively than ever--and what that means by the individuals effected by criminal or civil wrongdoing. 

And if you'd like to get the full picture of the challenges law enforcement professionals face around digital forensic investigations--and how Exterro is helping solve them, download the Changing Lives E-Book today!

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