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Digital Forensics

Meet the People Changing Lives with Exterro FTK: Jonathan Shorter, VP of Engineering

March 16, 2023

With a background in digital forensic investigations for the Cheshire Constabulary in Northwest England, Exterro Vice President of Engineering Jonathan Shorter remembers a time when investigations were fairly straightforward, with an officer investigating one mobile phone or one computer over a number of days or possibly weeks. But in today's technology environment, that's no longer the case. In his 10 years working on the FTK family of digital forensic products, he's witnessed tremendous change in both the power of the technology and how it's used. 

Check out this interview from our Changing Lives series to learn about why it's so critical both for the guilty and the innocent that investigators are able to work through the multiple technology devices efficiently--and how Exterro FTK can help solve that challenge.

And if you'd like to get the full picture of the challenges law enforcement professionals face around digital forensic investigations--and how Exterro is helping solve them, download the Changing Lives E-Book today!

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