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Data Risk Management

Inside Exterro: Shashi Angadi, Chief Technology Officer

August 9, 2023

At one level, Exterro's software helps organizations manage their data with regards to various obligations they have--whether those are for litigation, or privacy compliance, or even internal investigations. As Shashi Angadi, Chief Technology Officer at Exterro, explains, "When it comes to e-discovery, the most complex litigation, people have deadlines and have to get the data out... We're helping legal counsel and legal departments get the job done quickly in the most efficient way, saving a lot of costs. And when you talk about privacy, we are helping customers help make sure that their customer data is safe." 

But that's not necessarily the only--or even most important--element of what Exterro does. Angadi says, "We are changing lives for our customers. With forensics, where law enforcement agencies are trying hard to solve complex criminal cases, we are helping them put the bad guys away. And when I hear instances about a case in Philippines,  they were able to rescue 50 women where have human trafficking was happening. We are changing those lives."

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