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Digital Forensics

Inside Exterro: Hamid Ebadi, Senior Technical Engineer

July 19, 2023

Exterro's technology suite includes products aimed at e-discovery, privacy, and digital forensics professionals. While the disciplines are related to each other, they are complex and differentiated enough that no one person can truly be an expert in all of them. This is especially true on the engineering side of the organization, as product engineers and software developers work in teams to ensure that the products delivered to market are truly world-class solutions. Our second interview in this series, Inside Exterro, features Hamid Ebadi, a senior technical engineer working on the Exterro FTK family of digital forensics software. 

Hamid explains the level of expertise on his team, "Each of us specialized in certain topics, apart from the major topics that all of us know, like forensic investigation products. Each of us are expert in some specific area. So I believe this is an amazing environment that we have, have made in Exterro as an engineering team, and our customers are getting the benefits of this knowledge and expertise. Exterro is an innovative company which produces very iinnovative products, and as a technical engineer, we need to stay caught up with the technology and learn all of them so that we can help the clients with the best solutions."

The clients truly are the focus for Hamid. He says, "When I am talking to this customer that we've implemented FTK products for them, and when they share their feedback with us, I'm really feeling satisfied. It really cannot be explained when we help the clients to achieve their goals, and reveal the truth very quickly and effectively, and their investigations go smoothly in a timely manner.... It's an amazing feeling." 

Hear from Hamid yourself by watching this latest video in our series, Inside Exterro.

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