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Inside Exterro: Gilberto Costa, Director of Product Management, Privacy

July 12, 2023

Every company has its own unique culture, with values and priorities based not just on the business's goals, but also on the people that make up the team--and that's certainly true of Exterro. Bringing together teammates from across the United States and across the world, working in different but related disciplines--privacy, e-discovery, and digital forensics--Exterroites have a wide range of mindsets, experiences, and personal backgrounds, which you'll see in the profiles that make up this series of blog posts, titled Inside Exterro.

While we celebrate our diversity, in reality, the similarities across our team are more important than the differences between our teammates. Exterroites are passionate about what they do and about our customers. We collaborate, innovate, and continually optimize the work we do.

In this first interview, we'll talk with Gilberto Costa, Director of Product Management for Privacy.  "What I love about my job is that I have freedom to think and be creative at Exterro. I can be myself and I can do the things that brings value to the company and to my life," he explains. In his role, he says, "[We] develop tools to help organizations reduce time to compliance, make privacy professionals’ lives easier, having them focus on things that matter, and not spending wasting time reviewing questionnaires or, or the boring task that doesn't use their skills. Exterro helps privacy professionals to focus on what matters and make their life more fun and their work enjoyable."

The work he does matters--it makes a difference. "The impact of what I do, that I see in my work, is I see privacy officers, DPOs, saving time. Instead of spending 25 minutes to half an hour to review an open-ended questionnaire submitted by the business users, DPOs now using the smart data inventory, they can go to the dashboard and in seconds they can identify the regulations triggered by processing activity," Gilberto continues. "They can identify the privacy risks and they can identify where they need to focus and prioritize their work. This is a huge impact because it allows them to save time and do more with less."

The work is not without its challenges, but the team supports Gilberto in his role. He says, "I think that the big challenge that I face today is the constant changing in the privacy landscape. But fortunately, we have a very, very strong research team that helps our organization to keep up to date with what is going on in the privacy world."

If you're interested in finding out how you might fit at Exterro, make sure to check out our careers page today!

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