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Law Enforcement Forensics

FTK Over the Air: Has the Future of Policing Arrived?

August 19, 2022

We've got a really exciting episode of FTK Over the Air that I'm proud to share with you here. If you're at all interested at what policing is going to look like just a few years into the future, you owe it to yourself to catch this episode. In it, Justin and Lynne talk with John Price of the West Midlands Police in the UK. John has pioneered the first cloud-based digital forensics platform powered by FTK Central in Microsoft Azure. With nearly 7,000 officers able to work cases remotely and upload evidence directly to the cloud, criminal forensic investigation tasks that previously took days to complete are now almost instantaneous. Hear first-hand how John has paved the way for law enforcement agencies to collaborate to clear case backlogs and secure faster convictions, bringing closure to victims and their families.

Listen to the episode today!

In a separate conversation, Detective Sergeant Price explained, “Exterro’s FTK has massively reduced processing times and improved forensic readiness with processes that previously took days to complete now almost instantaneous. We anticipate that we will see continued improvements over the coming months, including vastly reduced data backlogs, minimised detention times for suspects and expedite cases, resulting in faster speed to justice which will see the innocent released, the guilty convicted, and a sense of closure for victims and their families. This is going to be game changing for our force and all those that follow.

West Midlands Police (WMP), one of the largest forces in the UK with 52 police stations and 6,846 officers responsible for 2.93 million civilians are the first force to deploy the solution. This has enabled digital forensic investigators and its officers on the ground to work on evidential data simultaneously without the need to be physically in the Digital Forensics Units (DFU). The secure upload of sensitive forensic data into the cloud marks a huge breakthrough and has proven the viability of the solution, effectively paving the way for the creation of a cohesive national forensics ecosystem, as envisaged by the Digital Forensic Science Strategy.

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