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Exterro's Top Privacy Resources of 2023

February 23, 2024

As we start up 2024, we're also wrapping up our look back at the top educational resources of 2023 with our latest and greatest offerings for privacy professionals and legal professionals eager to learn about privacy and data governance. Without a doubt, 2023 was a busy year for privacy professionals. In the US, several more states passed privacy laws, and the FTC continued its vigorous protection of consumer privacy rights. Internationally, highlights included the world's most populous nation, India, passing the Digital Personal Data Protection Act (DPDPA) and European regulators continuing to codify, update, and enforce key elements of GDPR.

Some of our top resources were timely pieces addressing these trends, but another one was an extensive look at one of the foundations of any operational privacy program: a data inventory. For a review of these three valuable assets, read on!

US State Privacy Law Landscape

As of late summer in 2023, five states have privacy laws in effect, with eight more set to roll out over the next two and a half years. In addition, another five states have active bills that could become law. These laws have different provisions governing to whom they apply, what rights consumers have, and what businesses’ obligations are.

Businesses looking to comply with these requirements deploy processes and technology to fulfill their obligations... but they must understand them first.

Download the resource for a head start.

The Comprehensive Guide to Data Inventory

Organizations today, especially enterprise-scale ones, possess more data, of more types, about more subjects, coming from more sources, than ever before. They may collect data about their customers, who they are, where they live, demographic information, financial information, their purchase history and patterns, and more. The data will likely be spread over disparate systems and locations, and no one person--or even team--can possibly keep track of it all. But privacy obligations, civil litigation, and the need to be prepared to respond to cybersecurity incidents demands that organizations do just that. This guide compiles the best of our data inventory resources into a single package, so organizations can get a comprehensive view of what a defensible, operational data inventory entails.

Get the guide today.

Privacy Trends to Watch in 2024

Three years ago, Gartner predicted that three-quarters of the personal information in the world would be subject to one or more privacy laws. In those three years, we've witnessed the proliferation of regulations and regulators exercising their authority more forcefully. Soon enough, privacy laws and regulations will affect everything that private enterprises and public organizations are doing almost everywhere and all the time. If the laws were consistent, this might be a relatively manageable task. But they are not. The basic principles may be consistent, but the actual responsibilities and requirements can differ significantly across various jurisdictions. Sometimes, the best approach is to look at recent developments with an eye towards fundamental principles--which is what this look at recent trends in privacy does.

Download this whitepaper to catch up with recent privacy trends.

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