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Crowdsourcing Privacy Compliance Solutions: the Privacy Bytes Series

January 11, 2024

2023 was a busy year for privacy professionals. California, Colorado, Connecticut, Utah, and Virginia had privacy laws come into effect, while Indiana, Iowa, Montana, Oregon, Tennessee, and Texas all passed new privacy laws that will come into effect between 2024 and 2026. 

Artificial intelligence dominated the tech headlines--and also the privacy headlines. The Biden administration issued an Executive Order; the EU reached agreement on the AI Act. The FTC continued enforcing privacy rules on behalf of US citizens--including an agreement with Rite Aid banning use of AI-powered facial recognition software.  

Just keeping up with the news could be a full time job--much less figuring out the implications and applying them at one's own organization. As we often say, no one can handle it all alone. And that's why Exterro has created and continues to host the Privacy Bytes series. 

What Is Privacy Bytes?

Hosted on the third Thursday of every month, Privacy Bytes is a virtual brown-bag lunch series during which hundreds (yes, hundreds!) of privacy professionals gather to listen to privacy experts discussing some of the most pressing issues of the day. But unlike most webcasts, Privacy Bytes is unscripted and interactive. The focus is on exchanging information, sharing challenges and solutions, and empowering each other. 

Why Attend Privacy Bytes?

  • Stay Informed, Stay Ahead Keep up with evolving regulations and challenges with the latest insights and expert knowledge.
  • Collaborative WisdomJoin with your peers in the legal and privacy profession to share expertise, experiences, and success stories.
  • Real Solutions, Real ImpactWork collaboratively to develop real-world strategies that address multi-state compliance, EU-US data transfers, and AI challenges, for starters!

Upcoming Sessions for Privacy Professionals

There are two exciting sessions coming up in January and February.

Privacy in Practice: Building and Scaling Your Program

On January 18th, join us for a session that transcends formal presentations and complicated jargon. Instead, it offers an open exchange of ideas among peers, where we collectively explore the art of building and scaling privacy programs. This session is designed to foster collaborative strategizing, enabling you to uncover actionable insights that can revolutionize your approach to privacy compliance.

The journey of building and scaling privacy programs is a perpetual challenge, especially in a landscape characterized by ever-evolving laws and regulations. While the complexities may grow, the core principles of privacy management remain steadfast. The real question is: How can privacy professionals effectively leverage the tools at their disposal within this intricate web of requirements?

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How Data Discovery Is Key to AI Governance

It’s all about the data, in our next Privacy Bytes! Our next informal virtual brown bag lunch session is about connecting the new and overwhelming changes in AI with your governance and understanding of your data - ""How Data Discovery is Key to AI Governance.""

In this informal discussion, we'll dive into the heart of AI governance, exploring how data discovery shapes the challenges. No slides, no scripts—just a lively forum for sharing experiences, insights, and questions. Bring your lunch, relax, pose questions if you like. Discover how the data discovery can support you in your challenges bringing AI governance to the organization.

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