A Declaration for the Future of the Internet

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A Declaration for the Future of the Internet

Why This Privacy Law is Important:

On April 28, 2022, 60 international partners including the European Commission and the United States issued a co-signed Declaration for the Future of the Internet. In publishing this agreement, the nations show their active support for an open, free, global, interoperable, reliable, and secure internet for everyone and commit to protecting and respecting human rights and privacy online and across the digital ecosystem.


The announcement recognizes that online networking is in a state of distress, with impacts on users, such as a lack of online privacy, censorship by authoritarian regimes and online platforms, criminal activity including state-sponsored disinformation and ransomware, and violations of human rights topics of concern in the technology industry. As a result, the promise of the open, decentralized internet has not been fulfilled, concentrating economic power in the hands of entities that possess vast troves of personal data, and online platforms have spread content that threatens the safety of others and results in harmful political radicalization.
While some technology companies and political entities have attempted to deal with these issues, they have, in large part, been piecemeal. The commitments of 60 international partners, including the United States, which has lagged behind Europe in internet regulation, hold promise and potential for the future. The signatories share a vision for the future of the internet that defends human rights for all and promotes equitable economic prosperity, bringing together governments, civil society, the private sector, and the academic community.

The full text of the declaration can be found here.

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