4 Bet-the-Job Questions for the CCPA

Is Your Organization Ready?

4 Bet-the-Job Questions for the CCPA

The launch of the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) on January 1, 2020, means that consumers have more information and control over a business’s data practices, which creates challenges for businesses, mostly: do they have their arms around their data? Do they understand where it lives within in their organization, and where it’s shared?

All of those smaller questions are pieces of some of the larger issues you’ll want to address before January 1. Below, we’ve broken down four key questions you need to have answers to in order to keep your organization’s privacy processes defensible, and minimize the risk of violating new privacy laws:

  • The final "checklist" questions that you should be asking about your organization's data preparedness
  • Tips for breaking down the elements of the CCPA into actionable processes
  • Tips for maintaining a trim data inventory

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