2016 Federal Judges Survey

E-Discovery Practices from Both Sides of the Bench

14 Federal Judges + 22 E-Discovery Experienced Attorneys

Judges Expectations vs. Attorney Reality

Based on the complexity of today's “Digital Age," being undereducated and underprepared is no longer an option. However, an expectation gap still exists between what judges expect related to the process of e-discovery and what attorneys think is appropriate. The results from this year's Federal Judges Survey will give legal professionals an inside look on how judges and attorneys respond to the same e-discovery questions, along with information to improve their pre-trial litigation practices in 2016.


What You Can Expect to Learn


Effectiveness of New Federal Rules of Civil Procedure (FRCP) Rules


General E-Discovery Competency in the Legal Market


Effects of Emerging Technology Trends on Litigation Practices

Source of the Survey Results


Participating United States Federal Judges


Participating Attorneys Specializing in E-Discovery


Multiple Choice Questions Asked


Participant Comments

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