Legal GRC

A Holistic Approach to Managing your Legal Governance, Risk and Compliance Challenges

It’s not easy being in Privacy, Legal, or Compliance these days. Your organization faces increased liability risks associated with non-compliance to new and existing privacy regulations, data breaches and cybersecurity attacks. You’re tasked with demonstrating your governance and compliance efforts while also minimizing legal risk, reducing costs and improving productivity across your legal operations. Business challenges such as executing on Data Subject Access Requests or defensibly minimizing data across the organization span organizational units that report to the Chief Legal Officer - Privacy, Compliance, Legal Ops – and those that don’t, like Security and IT, and require a comprehensive approach to process orchestration. Cobbling together technology solutions aimed at addressing one part of this big picture won’t deliver the results you need.

Orchestrated E-Discovery Diagram

To thrive in this new environment, you need a new a new class of enterprise software designed to seamlessly orchestrate the tasks and activities required to implement processes to address these business challenges. You need Legal GRC software.


Hallmarks of an enterprise Legal GRC Solution

Comprehensive PlatformComprehensive Data Inventory

A critical foundational element to meeting your Legal GRC obligations is a shared, comprehensive data inventory, providing insight into where and how much data you have across your organization and the regulatory compliance and legal obligations governing the usage and storage of that data.

Process OrchestrationIntegrated Platform

A completely unified solution which seamlessly orchestrates workflow, shares data and integrates into your existing IT infrastructure, solving your cross departmental business challenges

Easy AccessibilityProcess Orchestration

Automated workflow that ensures all tasks and activities are assigned, understood and completed with visibility into the status of each, delivering the ability to proactively address potential issues before they result in costly delays.

Improved ProductivityEasy Accessibility

Cloud-based and available any time, from anywhere, for all stakeholders, regardless of whether they are internal or external to an organization, with appropriate security and privacy controls.

The Exterro Legal GRC Solution

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Modern, enterprise-class Data Inventory

The most effective and defensible way to accurately develop and maintain a comprehensive data inventory. Seamless and tightly structured processes enable rapid and accurate insights into all processing activities, personal data details, and fully informed DPIAs

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Industry’s leading truly end-to-end E-Discovery Solution

The Exterro Orchestrated E-Discovery Suite is a natively built solution that delivers everything you need to quickly and easily manage the entire e-discovery process, from identification through preservation, collection, processing to review and production.

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Innovative, robust, defensible Privacy Management

Ensure compliance to global privacy regulatory obligations through solutions that solve your most vexing privacy challenges.

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Customizable Workflows and Process Templates

Improve the efficiency of your Legal GRC efforts with easily tailored, user-defined automated workflows that allow your unique business rules to be applied to all use cases. Automatic issue resolution and task completion tracking ensures every step of the process is documented and able to withstand judicial or regulatory scrutiny.

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Comprehensive, fully integrated cloud based Legal GRC platform

The Exterro Legal GRC Platform delivers everything you need to quickly and easily manage Legal governance, risk and compliance initiatives. Internal and external stakeholder tasks are automated and orchestrated across every step of your processes ensuring seamless handoffs and full visibility into the status of every activity with a full audit trail. Security and privacy controls are easily applied to protect your corporate assets.