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Exterro Introduces Fusion - The Legal Industrys First Fully Integrated Discovery Management Platform

Collaborative Technology Empowers Legal Professionals to More Effectively Control the Time, Cost and Risk in Discovery

Portland, OR - ( Marketwire - February 5, 2007) - Exterro Inc., a leading provider of litigation support and discovery management technology for the legal industry, today announced the availability of Exterro -- the first fully integrated discovery management platform. Exterro helps law firms and corporations mitigate discovery risk, control costs, and improve responsiveness in the discovery process.

"During complex litigation, negotiations or time-intensive governmental investigations, managing legal teams without the proper automation is a tremendous headache and distraction," said Bobby Balachandran, president and CEO of Exterro. "Exterro eliminates these issues and brings reliable management control and predictability to a process fraught with surprises and volatile costs. Exterro enables proactive planning, as opposed to the current reactive environment."

Bringing Management Controls In-House

Designed for law firms and corporate legal departments, Exterro provides centralized management of litigation lifecycles. Exterro integrates neatly with existing case and content management systems to bring the greatest control, scalability and flexibility to litigation management and discovery processes. Exterro gives legal teams control during the litigation lifecycle by offering tighter collaboration among outside counsel, in-house legal teams, service providers and experts. By using effective integration technologies, Fusion automates work flow, business rules, project specifications and leverages existing legal/document/matter management information.

Exterro Features:

Effective Collaboration of Legal Teams:

  • Collaborative Model -- Exterro can enable internal legal teams, outside counsel, co-counsel and litigation support vendors to collaborate in a centralized, web-based, real-time and secure model. Teams also can integrate their existing end-to-end business processes and relationships in Fusion.
  • Vendor Management and Metrics -- Exterro's intuitive user interface not only allows users to select the right vendors, but it proactively enhances vendor relationships by monitoring vendor metrics such as quality, delivery, timeliness and cost. This enables litigation teams to pick the right vendor, consistently.
  • Real-time Dashboard -- Legal teams gain better control over the health of the legal management processes and save time by monitoring and measuring the progress and status of projects with a high-level overview or drill-down for a detailed project view.

Automation of Discovery Workflow:

  • Workflow Management -- By orchestrating disparate litigation support processes using proven workflow techniques, legal teams improve operational performance significantly.
  • Repeatable Processes -- The flexible framework into Exterro lets legal teams implement process standards and their best practices into repeatable processes.
  • Automated Chain of Custody -- Automatic footprint of all events and updates gives teams' up to date knowledge of the entire case.

Integration of Existing Technologies:
Exterro provides powerful integration capabilities using standards-based Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) to seamlessly integrate with other technology investments. Besides integrating with existing payment and invoicing systems, online review tools, portals, inboxes, PDAs. In addition, Exterro also integrates with:

  • Document Management Systems -- Legal teams can reduce document rework by linking Exterro to their existing document systems and work within a system they know well.
  • Existing Case & Matter Management / Review Software -- Legal teams can save time by linking information scattered in disparate Matter, Case and online review systems.

Availability and Pricing:
Exterro is immediately available. Exterro is available in several licensing options for law firms and corporations. More information on Exterro's technologies is available on the corporate website at or by calling toll-free at 1-877-EXTERRO.