Optimize Your E-Discovery Process for Data Stored in Slack

Exterro and Slack have partnered together to give joint customers the ability to orchestrate the entire e-discovery process for Slack in a single, unified solution from preservation, collection, processing, analysis, review and production. The integration between these two industry-leading solutions significantly reduces the risk of data spoliation while also decreasing the time and cost it takes to get to the facts of every matter in a fully defensible process.

Proactive preservation, data collection and processing

The integration enables customers to automatically initiate preservation within Slack when issuing a legal hold, and concurrently collect and process data stored in Slack into the Exterro Review module without delays, handoffs, and complex promotion/staging procedures common in other platforms.

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Key Benefits

With Slack and Exterro partnership, the companies can easily:

  • Automatically initiate preservation within Slack when issuing a legal hold
  • Choose to preserve all channels or direct messages of a custodian or just the direct messages of a custodian
  • Perform targeted preservation through date filters
  • Perform targeted collections from a specific Slack channel as well as collect from all channels to which a user is associated
  • Collect private conversations between two users rather than collect all the private conversations within the user account
  • Collect from both public and private channels
  • Include or exclude the multi-party direct message based on litigation requirements
  • Collect historic data that includes edited and the deleted messages
  • Collect all attachments and links that are available in chat. All attachments, links, images, etc. are automatically grouped and identify parent-child relationships, significantly easing the review process
  • Collect searchable reactions (emojis) from conversations
  • Collect from third party Slack user accounts
  • Collect from shared channels (cross collaboration) where users belong to separate organizations and their own Workspace but also work together in a single channel
  • Maintain conversation threading of collected data
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