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Data Retention and Erasure in India

Download this whitepaper to learn more about the specific laws and regulations governing data retention in India, as well as tips to help you get started on your compliance journey.

Data retention as a concept has evolved from organisational data governance strategy to becoming one of the key privacy principles enshrined in numerous data protection laws over the years. Conceptually, data retention requires that personal data shouldn’t be retained beyond what is considered a reasonable time period to fulfil organisation’s business and professional objectives. Practically, it means that data should be purged, deleted, returned, archived, or destroyed after its processing purpose is fulfilled and compliance requirements met. In India, however, this task can be particularly complex, given the multiple laws and regulations governing data retention.

Download this whitepaper to learn:

  • Details of laws, sectoral rules, and government requirements for data retention in India
  • Insight into challenges that make compliance with data retention and erasure requirements difficult
  • A simple framework for approaching data retention requirements that may help with compliance efforts