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The Comprehensive Guide to E-Discovery Data Collection, 2nd Edition

Overcollection is one of the leading drivers of exorbitant e-discovery spending, which means data management and information governance plays a vital role of allowing legal teams to find and collect the right data quickly and efficiently. By retaining data that is vital for business and legal operations, and organizing that data in a way that anticipates legal needs, you can streamline your e-discovery process, giving your team a competitive edge.

In this comprehensive e-discovery data collection guide, you will learn:

  • How to incorporate collection principles and tools into your legal process
  • How to ensure your collection process is defensible
  • How to empower your legal team to create streamlined and cost-saving data collection policies
  • Available data collection tools and software

Download this comprehensive guide to e-discovery data collection to ensure your collection and processing process is defensible and helps you get to the facts of the case sooner.