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7 Habits of Highly Effective CPOs

Download this Exterro whitepaper to learn about key habits you should develop if you aspire to become a high-level corporate privacy officer.

It’s safe to say that today, privacy is more important to organizations than ever before. Consumer awareness of privacy rights has increased, and they expect organizations to take their rights seriously. In part fueled by this consumer support, data protection authorities in Europe, the Federal Trade Commission in the US, and state-level regulators are all enforcing regulations more vigorously than they have in the past. In turn, Chief Privacy Officers (CPOs) have more responsibilities—and more authority—in their organizations. The best way for CPOs to lead their organizations to a proactive, privacy-first mindset is by embodying the key principles in their actions and the programs they implement. Whether you’re a CPO or a contributor to your organization’s privacy team, these seven habits of highly effective CPOs can help you be the change necessary to ensure privacy compliance today and tomorrow.

Download this whitepaper to learn:
  • Why CPOs need to adopt a mindset of leadership by example
  • What key habits CPOs and aspiring CPOs should embrace to help build a culture of privacy in their organization
  • How they can demonstrate these good habits to others in their organizations