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Data Risk Management

Exterro and G Suite Product Brief

Exterro’s integration with Google’s G-Suite applications enables you to proactively preserve, analyze, collect and review data available within Gmail, Google calendar, Google Drive and Google Vault. The integration between these two industry-leading solutions significantly reduces the risk of data spoliation while also decreasing the time and cost it takes to get to the facts of every matter in a fully defensible process.

In-place preservation
Exterro’s Google Vault integration enables users to preserve relevant data in place for Gmail, Hangouts, and files in Google Drive. This significantly reduces the risk of data spoliation and reduces litigation risk.

Proactive data collection and processing
Our integration enables you to concurrently collect and process data from Gmail, Hangouts, Google Drive,
and Google Calendar into Exterro’s Review module without delays, handoffs, and complex promotion/staging procedures common in other platforms.

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