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Cybersecurity Compliance

ISACA 2024 North America Conference: In Pursuit of Digital Trust

Phoenix, AZ
May 8–10, 2024

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Join us at the ISACA 2024 North America Conference, proudly sponsored by Exterro, a forum that brings together IS/IT professionals, thought leaders and the global ISACA community in the Valley of the Sun. Experience 2.5 days of expert insights in digital trust, audit, governance, privacy, cybersecurity, emerging tech and more. 

Bask in the warmth and knowledge while you earn up to 8 CPE credits for the workshop and up to 18 CPE credits for attending conference sessions. 

Join us for our hands-on session and gain insights into practical strategies for centralizing control over data, enhancing visibility into their data repositories, and implementing defensible deletion practices.

At this event attendees can look forward to:

Don't miss the chance to explore our unified, integrated platform and discuss your unique data challenges at the Exterro booth or with a meeting. 
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• Earn up to 8 CPE credits for the ISACA workshop and up to 18 CPE credits for attending conference sessions.

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