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Digital Forensics

Trusted Digital Forensics Consultancy Relies on Exterro FTK® Central

BIT4LAW is a boutique digital forensics consultancy. Founded in 2015 by two partners who have combined for well over four decades’ experience in digital forensics, BIT4LAW serves individuals, lawyers, businesses, and the Italian judiciary in civil, criminal, and administrative matters. Longtime users of Exterro FTK, they had to find a new technology solution that would allow them to scale up their operations while still meeting client demands for customised, secure, confidential services.

Download the case study to learn: 

  • Why BIT4LAW relies on the Exterro FTK family of digital forensic solutions
  • Why they needed to embrace new, scalable, flexible workflows and technology to meet customer demands
  • What features make FTK Central the right solution for them and their clients

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