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Digital Forensics

Empowering a Distributed Team with FTK® Lab

This government agency's dedicated team of digital forensic investigators, founded in 1991, collaborates with in-house auditors and occasionally police investigators, to collect evidence of tax fraud and other financial crimes. Their core team managed the workflow, creating cases and distributing them to investigators and auditors stationed in four offices across the country. But to view the data and work their cases, team members would have to come to the tax agency’s central office, where they had a “safe zone” established, including standalone computers housing confidential evidence. But the costs and delays associated with travel were too much.

Download the case study to learn:

  • What requirements the agency set for their digital forensics solution
  • How FTK Lab helped them meet their goals of reducing delays and saving time
  • What surprising additional benefit they achieved by implementing FTK Lab

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