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Get Ready for E-Discovery Day 2023 with Our Annual Survey

October 3, 2023


Fall is here again, and it's once again time to celebrate all the joys the season brings us... Leaves turning colors... pumpkin spice lattes... and maybe even a scary movie or two...

But behind the scenes, the team at Exterro, ACEDS, EDRM, and eDiscovery Today are busy brainstorming, planning, and organizing the E-Discovery Day 2023 celebration, scheduled this year for December 7th. While we’re not quite ready to announce all the days’ events, it’s safe to say there will be an educational component, with informative webinars throughout the day, as well as a social element—with fun online community events and in-person celebrations across the country.

As we’re preparing for the big day, there is one great way for you to join in the fun—our Annual E-Discovery Day Survey. If you take the short survey and answer 10 light-hearted e-discovery questions (including the perennial debate over “e-discovery, ediscovery, or eDiscovery”), you’ll be entered into a drawing to win one of two prizes from our ACEDS—a CEDS certification and an eDiscovery Executive Certificate. Winners will be chosen in the run-up to E-Discovery Day and announced in November.

For those of you in the know on E-Discovery Day, you can skip ahead to the next section. But if you don't and you're on the blog, you should check out the E-Discovery Day website. E-Discovery Day is one day a year dedicated to celebrating the growing and vital role e-discovery plays in the legal process. Every year, thousands of e-discovery professionals gather (either in person or virtually) for educational, social, and networking events across the country--and increasing the world!

Since its inception in 2015, E-Discovery Day has grown and evolved. This year, the ninth annual celebration of E-Discovery Day is happening on December 7th. Henceforth E-Discovery Day shall be held on the first Thursday of December, so there won’t be any more confusion about what date all the fun is happening!

Thank you from Exterro, ACEDS, and of course our other partners in E-Discovery Day 2023, eDiscovery Today and EDRM!

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