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  • Zero In On Relevant Evidence Faster
  • Reduce Backlog and Power Through Caseloads
  • Improve Collaboration with Examiners, Investigators, Agents, and Reviewers

The Gold Standard in Digital Forensics for over 15 years

Top law enforcement agencies around the world depend on Exterro solutions to perform repeatable, defensible, forensically-sound investigations.

Manage Investigations With Industry-Leading Forensics Software

Forensic Collection

Perform forensically-sound full-disk image collection, remote collection, off-network collection, Mac collection, and cloud data source collection.

Find Evidence Faster

Zero in on relevant evidence quickly, parse mobile data, conduct faster searches and dramatically increase analysis speed -- especially with datasets that are encrypted, compressed or deleted.

Scalable Processing Power

Up to 16x DPE capabilities with a centralized processing farm and centralized database infrastructure, for the fastest processing available on the market with virtually limitless scalability.

Reduce Backlog

Collaborate in a secure environment with other agencies, experts, and legal partners to power through your review and analysis of case data.

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Managing Law Enforcement Digital Forensic Investigations

The FTK Advantage

As agencies continue to grapple with increased backlog from growing, more complex caseloads, it’s even more critical that teams can collaborate effectively and zero in on relevant evidence faster. Learn how Exterro can help.

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