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FTK Lab/Central/Enterprise Documentation

Forensic Tools 8.0

Release Information


For customers who wish to migrate their existing cases to version 8.0, the current installed version must be 7.6 or a 7.6 Service Pack, prior to upgrade. Attempts to upgrade directly to version 8.0 from versions earlier than 7.6 are not supported.Customers whose current installed version is 7.5 must first complete an upgrade to version 7.6 prior to upgrade to 8.0. Customers whose current installed version is earlier than 7.5 are strongly encouraged to contact their Sales Representative for assistance from Exterro Professional Services.Please contact Exterro Support at [email protected] for help with upgrade and migration questions.

AD Forensic Tools 8.0.0 Full Disk ISO Files

Support Portal

Please contact Exterro Support at [email protected] to schedule installations for FTK Central, FTK Lab, and FTK Enterprise. Our implementation team will ensure that the performance of your hardware and software configuration is fully optimized as part of the upgrade service.

OS Support:

64-Bit Operating Systems

Windows 10

Windows 11

Windows Server 2022

Windows Server 2019

Windows Server 2016