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Forensic Toolkit® (FTK®)

Forensic Toolkit (FTK) 8.0.0

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For customers who wish to migrate their existing cases to version 8.0, the current installed version must be 7.6 or a 7.6 Service Pack, prior to upgrade. Attempts to upgrade directly to version 8.0 from versions earlier than 7.6 are not supported.Customers whose current installed version is 7.5 must first complete an upgrade to version 7.6 prior to upgrade to 8.0. Customers whose current installed version is earlier than 7.5 are strongly encouraged to contact their Sales Representative for assistance from Exterro Professional Services.Please contact Exterro Support at [email protected] for help with upgrade and migration questions.

AD Forensic Tools 8.0.0 Full Disk ISO Files

FTK 8.0.0 64Bit (7.48 GB) – MD5: 0d7b96c5350d3986d133b7426c76293c

KFF (3.91 GB) – MD5: 19eda2bb776a01a940fba2aa967ff2eb

Desktop Viewer (373 MB) - MD5: dd22401d540162db239a6b1dd16737ac

Image Recognition (2.16 GB)- MD5: b853d0c5084c092acfbee9e11fb3c3a1

Image Recognition Setup Info

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64-Bit Operating Systems

Windows 10

Windows 11

Windows Server 2022

Windows Server 2019

Windows Server 2016