Forensic Solutions Law Enforcement Grant Program

Providing Law Enforcement Agencies in Need with Advanced Digital Forensics Technology

Twice a year, Exterro will award five scholarships to deserving law enforcement agencies with a demonstrated need for digital forensics software.

Our Vision

Law enforcement agencies have relied on FTK technology for over three decades, using it to bring criminals to justice and stop top terrorism, human trafficking, child exploitation, and cybercrime. Now that FTK is part of the Exterro technology community, we want to demonstrate our continuing commitment to the law enforcement professionals who serve our communities.

Access to advanced digital forensics solutions help police and law enforcement agencies accelerate the investigative process, reduce case backlog, and ensure the timely closure of each case. But many agencies lack the financial resources to procure the best forensic investigation tools, like FTK. The Exterro Forensic Solutions Law Enforcement Grant Program awards five agencies in need, two times a year, with one-year subscriptions to the gold standard in digital forensics technology, FTK Forensic Toolkit, as well as the training they need to put it to work in criminal investigations in their jurisdiction.

Grant Program Award Package

(1) Exterro FTK Forensic Toolkit Subscription for one year ($2,900 value)

(1) Exterro Forensics Training Pass for unlimited training for one year ($4,000 value)

(1) Exterro Certified Examiner (ACE) Exam Fee ($100 value)

Grant Qualifications:
  1. State and local law enforcement agencies in the United States are eligible for the program.
  2. Agencies can be nominated by others (ICAC or other funding organization), or may apply for the grant program directly.
  3. Individuals may apply on behalf of their agency, but the award will be licensed to the agency as a whole.
  4. Existing and former FTK customers may apply.
  5. Winners agree to be interviewed to provide feedback for case study and/or testimonial purposes.
How to Apply:

Submit your application using the form below. All applications must be submitted by April 28, 2023 for the second round of 2022 Exterro Forensic Solutions Law Enforcement Grants.

  • Agency Name
  • Your Contact Name, Title, Email, Phone
  • City, State
  • Reason for Application/Digital Forensics Needs
  • Description of budget constraints

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