In-Place Preservation

Protects and secures ESI from accidental deletion prior to collection

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In-Place Preservation
In-Place Preservation

Exterro In-Place Preservation protects and secures electronically stored information (ESI) from accidental deletion prior to collection. Using close integration with leading email, collaboration, and archiving applications it suspends deletion policies and prevents manual deletion of data stored on native data sources.

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Legal Hold Integration
Legal Hold Integration

In-Place Preservation is tightly integrated with Exterro Legal Hold and the Exterro data source catalog, so specific custodian data sources can easily be identified and selected for in-place preservation.

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Defensible Audit Trail
Defensible Audit Trail

A complete audit trail documenting each preservation request is available for reporting.

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Joshua G
Exterro review for data sources integration

"The ability to manage cases, hold, and notifications with system automation is a huge help in our operations. Being able to visually account in the UI and with reports is already giving us the ability to assess our practice and discover areas of value.

Integration between the modules for navigation (Case/matter, Hold, and In place preservation) makes it easy to work though the lifecycle of a case and quickly tell where you are. We can consider new workflows that we didn't have before."

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Customer Testimonial

Christa Haskins

CEDS - Associate Director - E-Discovery, Becton Dickinson

Christa Haskins, E-Discovery/ESI Support Manager at Becton Dickinson, discusses the benefits of linking data sources to the Exterro platform to preserve data without collecting it, saving money and reducing risk related to over-collection of data.

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