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Say goodbye to manual, time consuming, and error-prone litigation hold processes with world-class legal hold software. Exterro Legal Hold enables you to easily scope custodians and manage the entire process of notifications, interviews, reminders, and escalations, saving time and money through orchestrated, defensible workflows.

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Key Benefits


Automated workflows, reusable template library and full audit trail reporting protect the defensibility of your hold processes

Enterprise Scalability

Used by 25% of the Fortune 100, Exterro Legal Hold delivers productivity and efficiency in even the largest cases

Ease of Use

Exterro Legal Hold's intuitive, enjoyable and natural interface improves productivity from the very first time you use the solution.


Consolidated Distributions and Reminders

Consolidate all legal hold notice distributions and reminders in one place, simplifying what can be a tedious and error-prone process. Help custodians understand the importance of pending obligations, fight “notice fatigue" by those on multiple legal holds, and promote consistent compliance.

Consolidated Distributions and Reminders

Easy to Use

Incorporating the very latest in user experience technologies, our applications are immediately intuitive and actually enjoyable to use!

Easy to Use

Custodian Interviews

Native interviewing lets you start custodian interviews immediately upon issuing the hold. Obtain actionable intelligence early on, including crucial documents and identities of other important custodians.

Custodian Interviews

Precise Custodian Scoping

Exterro Legal Hold leverages integration with HR systems to provide historical custodial views. Now you can identify custodians who have worked for an organization in the past, regardless of position or department, and place them on the hold.

Precise Custodian Scoping

Customer Testimonial

Tom Mullane of United Technologies Group discusses the custodian management capabilities of Exterro Legal Hold and how it has helped his team streamline the process of managing custodian status and preservation reminders.

Lower Litigation Volumes
Legal Hold Foundation

Enterprise Strength for Smaller Case Loads

For organizations with lower litigation volumes or budgetary constraints, there's finally an enterprise-strength legal hold solution for you! Exterro Legal Hold Foundation is designed specifically for companies with relatively few cases per year.

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