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The Industry's Only Legal Project Management Solution Designed Specifically for E-Discovery and Legal Processes


Improve legal operations with easily customized project orchestration

Exterro Project Management is the only purpose-built project management system designed specifically to orchestrate the workflows and activities associated with e-discovery and other legal processes. Easily modified user-defined workflows coordinate all relevant tasks and activities, including preservation, collection, processing, review, and production.

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Key Benefits


Promotes teamwork among inside and outside legal teams while enforcing accountability.


Automates repeatable e-discovery and other legal processes for consistent, high quality projects.

Project Visibility

Intuitive dashboards deliver greater visibility for keeping your legal projects on time and under budget


User Defined Process Orchestration

Improve the consistency of e-discovery and other legal projects and promote their defensibility with easily modified user-defined, reusable activities, tasks, and workflows. Templates, checklists, instructions, and an activity library enable legal teams to quickly build new projects, clearly manage expectations, eliminate false starts, and mitigate mistakes. Out of the box process templates include Collection Tracking, Matter Intake, and Request Management.

User Defined Process Orchestration

Intuitive Management Dashboards

Gain insights with intelligent dashboards and advanced reporting in real time. Ensure deadlines are met through at-a-glance workflow visibility into custodians, activities, issues, and notes at the overall project and individual task levels. The dashboard analytics provide immediate visibility into problem areas that require prompt attention.

Intuitive Management Dashboards

Collaborative Platform

Control complex e-discovery projects with the industry's most advanced e-discovery and legal project management software application. Fully defensible, auditable workflows and documented processes coordinate all stakeholder activities, connecting internal project members, 3rd party service providers and external law firms to eliminate chaotic fire drills and ensure that every deadline is met in the most efficient, defensible manner possible.

Collaborative Platform

Broad Integration with IT Systems

Integrate with existing IT systems (HR, asset management, matter management, and more) and third-party EDRM tools (collection, processing, and review), via connectors or Exterro's published APIs, to equip discovery response teams with a streamlined, end-to-end e-discovery ecosystem that delivers cost savings on every matter.

Broad Integration with IT Systems

Customer Testimonial

Nancy Maihot from United Technologies Corporation talks about how Exterro Project Management helped her standardize her organization's e-discovery processes across many autonomous subsidiary companies.

Law Firms
Project Mgmt. for Law Firms

The Only Purpose-Built Project Management Solution for Law Firms

Exterro Project Management for Law Firms is the only purpose-built, easily customized legal project management system designed specifically to orchestrate the workflows and activities associated with legal processes, including e-discovery, matter intake, witness ID/deposition tracking, case management, and more.

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