Exterro Smart ECA

AI-Driven Early Case Assessment

Exterro Smart ECA enables you to quickly identify potentially responsive data prior to collection by exposing contextual relationships between custodians and content, significantly saving you time, money and resources in the e-discovery process. Through rich visualizations of content stored throughout your organization, you can explore concept clusters and communication patterns to quickly and defensibly get you to the facts of every matter.

Key Features

Data Explorer Concept Clustering Icon

Concept Clustering

Smart ECA automatically groups words and phrases from the content stored in your business that are contextually connected and gives you the ability to drill down to expose other avenues for investigation. You can create and save as many scenarios as necessary and can easily collect the data for further review.

Data Explorer Communication And Content Based Relationships Icon

Communication and Content-based Relationships

Visually identify connections between employees based on the contextual relevancy of both their communication patterns and data stored under their control. Easily drill down, explore, apply labels and exclude non-relevant relationships to help focus on the most important information and custodians.

Data Explorer Keyword Analysis And Suggestions Icon

Keyword Analysis and Suggestions

Exterro Smart ECA leverages the power of artificial intelligence algorithms to analyze key documents and suggest both keywords and logical groupings, such as People, Locations, Currency, Organizations, etc.

Data Explorer In Place Document Rendering Icon

In Place Document Rendering

Drill down to the actual documents that make up highlighted clusters to better understand potential responsiveness to your matter without having to collect and process first!

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Exterro Smart ECA
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