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FTK Over the Air: Building a Forensic Community with Kevin DeLong

Created on February 23, 2023

Legal GRC Market Analyst at Exterro

Building professional communities can be challenging. Having technical skills in the field is important, but there's also a need for a certain knack at connecting people, finding ways to provide value to them, and getting them to engage deeply in a way that builds a lasting community, rather than just an individual transaction or exchange of information. Fortunately for the forensics community, Kevin DeLong, has that knack.

In this epsiode of FTK Over the Air, Justin catches up with an old friend in the industry, Kevin DeLong, the founder of Cyber Social Hub. Originally wanting to create a community where forensic professionals could simply continue the conversation once conference season was over, Kevin has now built an industry collective to share ideas, research and best practices. With over 2,700 members, Kevin has cultivated an impressive community of IT, cybersecurity, digital forensic, and legal technology professionals who all share a common goal of learning how digital devices store, transmit, and secure data. 

How did he do it? And what are his predictions for the next emerging technologies in the forensic space? Listen to find out! Join the Cyber Social Hub for free at cybersocialhub.com

Check out the episode here!

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