Exterro Proudly Presents

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Driven Legal GRC

Exterro was founded with the simple vision that applying the concepts of process optimization and data science to the way companies respond to litigation would drive more successful outcomes at a lower cost. Remaining true to our vision, we are proud to announce Exterro AI. Leveraging the latest innovations in Deep Learning, Exterro is infusing AI across the entire E-Discovery process and aiming it at business challenges in the areas of Privacy, Security, Compliance and Information Governance, saving you time, money and getting you to the facts of the case as quickly as possible

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At NightOwl Discovery, we are consistently looking at advanced technologies to help our clients meet their discovery, compliance, investigations and data analytics objectives. The use of the Deep Learning AI technology like that seen in Exterro’ s Smart Labeling is a great way for us to optimize the document review process for our clients.

-Kelly Atherton, Esq., Director – Analytics & Managed Review
NightOwl Discovery