Exterro Announces Launch of Groundbreaking Data Source Discovery™ Solution

PORTLAND, Ore., September 15, 2020 – Exterro Inc., the preferred provider of Legal GRC software and the Association of Corporate Counsel exclusive Alliance Partner for Data Privacy and Cybersecurity Compliance and E-Discovery, announced today the launch of the Exterro Data Source Discovery. This innovative addition to the Exterro Legal GRC Suite allows Legal teams to easily obtain a comprehensive list of data sources, automatically and without the need to involve IT.

Legal teams often face challenges when trying to find data quickly, whether it’s needed for litigation, a data subject access request, internal investigation, or other business process. Adding to this problem is the ease at which different business units—and even employee groups within those units—can create new data sources such as a new Slack channel or a new Microsoft Teams or SharePoint site that is unknown to the Legal team. Relying on IT to find these new data sources and collect relevant information often adds critical time delays.

“For many years we’ve heard our clients describe the countless hours it takes between in-house professionals, outside counsel, and IT to scope discovery,” said Chief Marketing Officer Bill Piwonka. “Custodian interviews, follow-up questions, conference calls, data collection and re-collections, surprise data sources, more interviews, etc. create a time-consuming and expensive process. A large company on a significant matter can spend hundreds of hours just getting prepared to identify where potentially relevant data is. Exterro Data Source Discovery eliminates all this wasted effort and dramatically reduces the time to create—while increasing the accuracy of—your data source catalog.”

Designed specifically for legal professionals, Exterro Data Source Discovery solves these massive headaches by:

  • Automatically discovering data sources, updating the data source catalog, and associating data sources to employees who’ve stored data within them
  • Quickly and accurately scoping data sources for potential litigation, internal investigations, or other uses
  • Detailing the most important aspects of the data, such as identification by custodian or specific source via integration with Exterro Data Inventory and Exterro File Analysis
  • Seamlessly integrating with more than 40 enterprise data sources, including Microsoft® Office 365, Slack®, and Google®, ensuring ease of use for Legal Professionals that need to locate data from a myriad of locations
  • Simplifying the E-Discovery Process through integrations with Exterro Legal Hold, In Place Preservation and E-Discovery Data Management

In addition, Exterro Data Source Discovery supports unique IT infrastructures—including multi-tenant instances in which data is segregated by region—helping to close any potential gaps, risks or concerns between IT and Legal.

“The burden on Legal and IT teams to effectively identify and preserve new sources of information within their organization has increased tremendously over the past few years, with the current work-from-home environment only exacerbating the issue,” says Ross Dubinsky, Director, Legal Management Consulting for global advisory firm Stout. “Technology that enables legal professionals to systematically address these key challenges, like Exterro Data Source Discovery, can play a big role in helping organizations mitigate risk while also increasing productivity.”

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