E-Discovery Project Management Software

The industry’s only project management solution designed specifically for in-house e-discovery.

Exterro E-Discovery Project Management is the only purpose-built project management system designed specifically for e-discovery by Global 2000 corporate legal and IT teams. The system manages all e-discovery activities, including collection, processing, review and production. Out-of-the-box workflows deliver task details, timelines, deliverables, budgets, and historical repositories for each project stage. Additionally, the Exterro E-Discovery Project Management solution provides visibility into all e-discovery tasks with documented audit trails and advanced reporting capabilities.

Key Capabilities


Project Visibility


Promotes teamwork among inside and outside legal teams while enforcing accountability.

Intuitive dashboards deliver greater visibility for keeping e-discovery projects on time and under budget.

Automates repeatable e-discovery processes for consistent, high quality projects.


Selected Features

Standardized Workflows and Templates

Improve the efficiency of e-discovery projects with reusable workflows and templates. Budget and project templates leverage past learning to guide new projects. Well-defined specifications, checklists and service libraries enable legal teams to clearly manage expectations, eliminate false starts and mitigate mistakes.

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e-discovery project management

Intuitive Management Dashboards

Gain actionable insights with intelligent dashboards and advanced reporting in real time. Ensure deadlines are met through at-a-glance workflow visibility into custodians, deliverables, issues and notes at the overall project and individual task levels. Exception reports provide immediate visibility into problem areas that require prompt attention.

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e-discovery project management

Real-time Project Tracking and Notification

Empower team members with automated notifications when new tasks are added to the queue. Specifications, checklists and timeframes provide clear views into tasks and required work. The integrated messaging system ensures issues are quickly resolved and recorded to maintain productivity.

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e-discovery project management

Collaborative Platform

Control complex e-discovery projects with the industry’s most advanced e-discovery project management software application. Fully defensible, auditable workflows and documented processes eliminate chaotic fire drills and ensure that every deadline is met in the most efficient, defensible manner possible.

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e-discovery project management

Flexible, enterprise-ready architecture

Seamlessly integrate with existing IT systems and third-party EDRM tools to equip discovery response teams with a streamlined, fully defensible e-discovery ecosystem that delivers cost savings on every matter .

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e-discovery project management


Add-on Modules

To support related requirements, Exterro offers an add-on module to our e-discovery project management software to expand your capabilities and efficiency:

  • Request Management – Enables precise custodian scoping for preventing failures and costly re-work in large-scale e-discovery projects.

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