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The Exterro Fusion e-discovery software suite empowers in-house legal teams to take complete control of e-discovery projects from identification to production. The industry’s leading workflow-driven software solution provides attorneys access to the most relevant evidence, issues and risks that could mean the difference between winning and losing a legal matter. With comprehensive search and analytic capabilities, an intuitive project dashboard and flexible workflows, the Exterro Fusion e-discovery software suite helps minimize review costs and ensure on-time delivery of required legal materials.

Our comprehensive e-discovery software solutions are listed below:

Manage the e-discovery process smarter with the industry’s leading workflow-driven e-discovery software


Genome E-Discovery Data Mapping

Genome data mapping is the only application designed to create a data map of all of your company’s electronically stored information (ESI). It enables legal teams to rapidly identify the most relevant ESI repositories to a legal matter and eliminate those that add unnecessary cost and time.

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Legal Hold Software

Exterro Legal Hold is widely recognized as the gold standard for legal hold software for Global 2000 companies. Designed for paralegals up through General Counsel, Legal Hold’s ease of use and rich feature set power immediate productivity gains.

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Zeta E-Discovery Data Management

Zeta e-discovery data management is the sole data management solution on the market that identifies the most important ESI before collection, giving in-house attorneys access to key documents that can change the course of a legal matter. It’s end-to-end collection, analysis, review, and production capabilities means than ESI doesn’t have to leave the system until you’re ready to produce to opposing counsel.

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E-Discovery Project Management Software

Exterro’s e-discovery project management software is the only purpose-built project management system designed specifically for e-discovery. It leverages built-in workflows to automate repeatable processes for consistent, high quality projects while its intuitive dashboards deliver greater visibility for keeping projects on time and under budget.

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Employee Change Monitor

Employee Change Monitor is an early warning system that mitigates the risk of ESI spoliation by detecting personnel changes and automatically taking corrective action. Upon change detection, user-defined actions, such as automatic notification of a hold administrator, engage and prevent loss of ESI that is subject to a legal hold or other compliance obligation.

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Fusion E-Discovery Platform

The Fusion Platform powers and unifies all of Exterro’s e-discovery applications and other 3rd party tools for smooth transitions from phase to phase in the EDRM process. The Platform features the Exterro Integration Hub that brings together your information, systems, and EDRM tools for a complete e-discovery system.

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Exterro Cloud E-Discovery

Exterro Cloud offers all of the benefits of the Exterro e-discovery solution suite in a cloud-based deployment. Our cloud-based solutions offer price predictability, rapid deployment, and low maintenance. With Exterro Cloud, organizations can focus on managing e-discovery projects, not e-discovery software.

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