5 Tips for Partnering With Your IT Security Team

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5 Tips for Partnering With Your IT Security Team

The way we work has changed. Endpoints are no longer located in a physical office and users are working from home, and often not connected to the VPN or company network. Data is also increasingly being stored in online and cloud collaboration tools like Google® Drive and Microsoft Teams®.

The remote workforce is now a long-term reality and the cyberthreat landscape is becoming murkier and more difficult to predict. For those organizations that have migrated their workforce away from the office,
working remotely without compromising security is critical and challenging. According to Global are confronting organizations, 48% of which according to Slack, are struggling to enable a Work Remote Solution. Plus, IT security teams are feeling extra pressure to ensure all the various endpoints are protected.

Read this White Paper to learn how IT Security Teams need to be supported and empowered in order to deliver the most they humanly can.

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