The Comprehensive Guide to Buying E-Discovery Software

This e-book guides legal professionals through the complex process of purchasing e-discovery software using advice and lessons learned from three experts.

The Comprehensive Guide to Buying E-Discovery Software

As more legal departments try to save money, increase efficiency, and mitigate risk, e-discovery processes are a prime target for in-sourcing. But the legal professionals leading e-discovery activities rarely have the experience or skills to manage large-scale procurement and implemementation projects. 

In this comprehensive guide to the e-discovery software purchasing process, three in-house e-discovery experts share their experiences leading e-discovery procurement and implementation projects. Using a series of critical questions that you must ask and answer, they explore the steps you should take when facing a similar challenge. 

Download this e-book to learn: 

  • What to understand about your e-discovery process before you talk to vendors
  • Who the key stakeholders are that you need to engage in the procurement process
  • How to make a compelling business case for purchase once you've determined the right e-discovery software for your needs

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