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Protect Your Organization from Increasing Data Risks

An Exterro Data Risk Management Checklist

As the volume, variety, and velocity of data collected, created, and stored continues to skyrocket, it can yield the organizations that hold it ever greater returns. But it also holds considerable risks. Cybersecurity threats can exfiltrate data or hold it for ransom. Privacy regulators can levy eight-, nine-, and ten-figure fines for data obtained or retained inappropriately. Legal risks stemming from these and other threats, like HR or employment issues, can compound the costs. Concerns that resided strictly with legal or IT teams now demand executive attention from general counsel, CLOs, CPOs, CISOs, CDOs, and CEOs.

Download this checklist to learn:  

  • What sorts of data risks modern organizations face 
  • How to build a solid foundation for data risk management 
  • How to evaluate organizational preparedness for data risks

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