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Tech's Role in Changing Data Privacy Landscape

An Exterro + Compliance Week Report

Exterro and Compliance Week partnered to survey over 170 senior-level executives, directors, managers, and analysts in privacy and compliance roles to learn about how their organizations implement and manage their data retention policies and processes. Among the topline conclusions we drew was that organizations largely were confident they were meeting regulatory requirements regarding data privacy despite evidence their data retention policies and procedures are outdated.

When it comes to keeping up with data privacy regulations, organizations would be wise to adopt a more comprehensive technology solution to drive efficiency and minimize human error. Companies farther along the data privacy maturity curve recognize this wisdom and are more proactive about embracing data management technology in-house.

Download the report to learn:

  • How organizations feel about their current data retention policies and processes
  • How organizations are leveraging human resources, processes, and technology to ensure compliance with regulations
  • What privacy experts think of the survey results and advise for organizations looking to comply with data retention requirements

Download the Report