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2024 Law Enforcement Digital Forensics Survey

Accelerating Justice with Advanced Technology

In the fifteen years since smartphones became truly popular, law enforcement agencies have faced a growing wave of digital evidence. They are still concerned with cybercrime, white collar crime, and digital fraud, but today smartphones and other digital devices often contain evidence relating to almost every routine criminal case. The contributions digital forensic investigators and analysts make to the criminal justice process have gone from occasional participation in high profile cases to a routine element of almost every investigation. Unfortunately, this rapid increase in demand for digital forensic investigations hasn’t made them radically simpler. It still takes time and skilled analysis to reach accurate conclusions that will stand up in a court of law.

Download this survey report to learn: 

  • How DFUs leverage technology and workflows to address their challenges 
  • How forensic professionals collaborate to close cases 
  • What challenges are most difficult to overcome—and where investigators turn for help and training

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