Webinar: Meet the new FTK Central

Webinar: Meet the new FTK Central

One of the main challenges for forensic professionals today is how to quicker process growing digital evidence, which is rapidly doubling, both in size and complexity. The evidence is usually spread out on multiple devices and require highly technical investigators to extract, process and review the data. Additionally, there are many features to investigations which require 'front line insight'. To solve this, Exterro is now enabling more reviewers, examiners, and investigators to work together to find evidence faster and produce results quickly, with focused, workflow specific training by presenting Exterro FTK Central™.

In this presentation we will discuss how to:

  • A real case study where West Midland Police reduced backlogs quickly with focused training for non-technical forensic reviewers
  • Automate tasks from evidence acquisition to evidence review and export
  • Forensically collect data from anywhere in the world

If you're interested in learning about the different types of digital forensic investigations, what role they play in various legal and other processes, and how they resemble and differ from each other, this chapter of the Basics of Digital Forensics is a great place to start!

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