U.S. Federal Circuit Series: 1st & 2nd Circuit

Former Judge Ronald Hedges and others discuss e-discovery best practices in the 1st and 2nd circuits.

In the fourth installment of Exterro's seven-part U.S. Federal Circuit Webcast Series, former Magistrate Judge Ronald Hedges and e-discovery attorney Sara Meyers from Ropes & Gray LLP review the latest e-discovery case law and trends specific to the 1st and 2nd Federal Circuits.

Viewers will learn e-discovery best practices for cases tried in the 1st & 2nd circuits.

Panelists discuss:

  • The common (and not-so-common) e-discovery mistakes resulting in court sanctions
  • The ongoing debate and defensibility surrounding verbal vs. written legal holds
  • The impact (and complexity) of social media in e-discovery

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