Understanding The Duty Of Legal Technology Competence

Webcast for lawyers who strive to meet duty of legal tech. competence and are interested in evolving implications as it relates to real practice.

It’s been five years since the ABA created an ethical duty of technology competence. In the years since, a majority of states have adopted this duty, yet most lawyers still have little understanding of the scope of this duty and what it means for the day-to-day practice of law. Courts and ethics panels have provided little guidance, and many lawyers still lack basic competence in legal technology. On October 11, ATL and presented a webinar for the relatively tech-savvy lawyer who strives to meet and exceed his or her duty of competence and is interested in the ever-evolving implications of the duty as it relates to actual practice, with a particular focus on eDiscovery. Webinar moderator Bob Ambrogi was joined by expert panelists to do the following:

  • Explore the boundaries of the duty of technology competence;
  • Provide an understanding of the history and purpose of the duty;
  • Explore the practical impact of the duty of competence on the practice of law; and
  • Discuss the interplay between the duty of competence and eDiscovery issues.

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