Transforming the E-Discovery Process

Hear perspectives on effectively transforming e-discovery into a business process.

E-Discovery is often treated as a reactive activity without defined, repeatable processes, resulting in missed deadlines, lost evidence and miscommunications that can all lead to wasted time, increased internal costs and potential legal sanctions. As industry experts have pointed out, in-house legal must start treating e-discovery as a business process. Business process management, a discipline traditionally applied to non-legal functions, offers legal professionals remarkable improvements in project outcomes and reductions in expenditures and risk.

In the second webcast of our e-discovery masters series, our masters of e-discovery process management will offer their perspective on effectively transforming e-discovery into a business process.

Watch to learn:

  • How to create and automate repeatable e-discovery workflows
  • Business process management principles that can transform your e-discovery process leading to greater efficiency and defensibility
  • Five simple best practices for making your e-discovery process the envy of other departments

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