The New Role of General Counsel and Chief Legal Officers

The New Role of General Counsel and Chief Legal Officers

The role of General Counsel and Chief Legal Officers looks very different these days than even just 10 years ago—having gone from a position of largely exclusively providing legal expertise to now playing a key role in business strategy and overseeing a much broader scope of responsibilities.

Legal GRC, in part, represents not just the new landscape for the GC or CLO, but also the convergence of data governance and data management practices between departments at an organisation. Data is what ties all these responsibilities together: how an organisation collects, stores, uses and secures its data ultimately determines the extent to which that data poses risks, incurs costs and provides value.

As data privacy, e-discovery, and information governance become increasingly interrelated, the foundation of these drivers—the data inventory—becomes even more critical and valuable to organisations. Download this whitepaper to explore how GCs and CLOs can address these challenges in their new organisational role.

  • The Evolving Role of the GC / CLO
  • A Unified Technology Platform
  • Legal GRC (Governance, Risk and Compliance)

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