REvil Global Ransomware Attack: What You Need to Know

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REvil Global Ransomware Attack: What You Need to Know

Why This Attack  is Important:

As U.S. national security officials and much of the cybersecurity community race to mitigate the fallout from the Kaseya incident, we’re served yet another reminder of how groups of scammers are making millions of dollars after years of honing their tradecraft. An estimate by IBM placed REvil’s 2020 profits at $123 million, first among ransomware gangs, while multiple firms said the gang’s malware was the most common digital extortion tool.


A ransomware attack paralyzed the networks of at least 200 U.S. companies in July 2021. The REvil gang, a major Russian-speaking ransomware syndicate, appears to be behind the attack. Criminals targeted a software supplier called Kaseya, using its network-management package as a conduit to spread the ransomware through cloud-service providers.

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